So which kind of mental deficiency is Trump counting on with you?

Could the Trumpmeister's strategy be that of old Tammany Hall in New York or the Daley Machine in Chicago?

Could it be that he thinks that if there are enough scandals about his past, or if he says enough mind-numbingly stupid things, people will become immune?

Don't scoff. Machines running what at the times were the nation's two largest cities made that strategy work for them for decades. And it's worked like a charm with Little Donnie's willfully clueless supporters, after all!

Or is  Little Donnie simply aiming to become the first candidate to take full advantage of the death of the American intellect? Could it be that he's simply running as the first candidate espousing and depending upon brain-dead Postmodernism?

Either way, he's depending on your being either nuts or stupid. Whether you vindicate his assumption is, of course up to you.


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