Sorry to break this to you, but eisegesis doesn't save.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

If you're puzzled by the "Christians" who justify homosexual activity, transgenderism, and all kinds of other stuff that is patently contrary to every stratum of Scripture and everything the Christian faith has ever had to say about sexuality, here's a very insightful article on how to theologically justify literally any sexual practice- no matter how bizarre, unnatural, and perverse.

Check it out- and see if these intellectually dishonest steps aren't precisely the ones taken by those who make the ridiculous claim that homosexuality and/or gender-bending are compatible with Christianity.

Come to think of it, why limit the Scripture-twisting to sexuality? You can use the same approach to "justify" literally anything, including racial discrimination, slavery, and mass murder. And you know what? This exact approach has been used in the past to justify all of them!

They don't call him the Father of Lies for nothing.


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