The Trumplings encounter Evan McMullin

It's instructive if one has a strong enough stomach, to study the tweets of Trumplings on Twitter. The anti-Semitism, disconnect from reality, and rabid hate are rather off-putting, but it's an education as to just who (and what) constitutes the core constituency of the movement.

One thing that has become apparent in recent days is that Evan McMullin (or "Evan McMuffin," as they call him, with their typical lack of wit) has them really shaken up. They've decided that he's a "fake CIA candidate" (though how a man who has spent his career as a CIA officer is a "fake" is unclear). They screech that he was "only a desk jockey" (as if he claimed to be Jack Bauer or James Bond or something). But most of all they lie and sputter and carry on incoherently.

In other words, they're scared. And they should be. 


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