The upcoming crunching of Cheeto Prime

Jim Geraghty of National Review gives us a tour of more corruption at the Clinton foundation; Hillary's almost certain election, coupled with a likely GOP retention of the Senate; and the coming and rather silly debate over whether it's the gullible folk who nominated a mentally unstable and unelectable authoritarian or the real conservatives who could not in conscience vote for such an abomination who will be blamed for Hillary's election by a margin far too large to even be accounted for by the number of Republicans who won't vote for Trump.

He also reviews what at this point has been the clearly delusional coverage of the current campaign by Sean Hannity, Breitbart and the rest of the Trumpista Ministry of Propaganda.

They Trump folks will sputter on unabashed after Cheeto Prime is crunched this November. The only difference is that from then on, nobody will be listening- and the GOP's brief flirtation with fascism, Know-Nothingism and insanity will largely fade into history.

I say "largely" because, sadly but by no means unjustly, the nomination of Trump will be used by the Democrats as ammunition for attempts to discredit the Republican party for a generation.

Thanks heaps, Cheeto worshippers.


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