The writing is on the wall, Trump supporters

According to s new Reuters-Ipsos poll, 44% of all voters and one out of every five Republicans believes that Donald Trump should resign as the Republican nominee and drop out of the race because of his inappropriate comments since the convention.

One does not win an election with numbers like that. And when one combines them with a candidate who is utterly convinced that is the power of the candidate's personality (!) rather than organization and a "ground game" that wins elections... well, as deluded as Trump supporters (especially the tinfoil hat brigade that forms the core of the movement) are at this point, Trump's candidacy is doomed. His showing on Election Day will probably be worse than even his limited potential because of his arrogant contempt for organization and stubborn confidence in the strength of his own personality.

History is replete with examples of tyrants and would-be tyrants who are undone by hubris. The Greek dramatists loved that theme. In Trump's case, his undoing is caused by the fact that he has so little excuse for pride. His inappropriate narcissism is just the icing on the cake.

Of course, Trump's candidacy was doomed from the outset, because this is who Trump is. It's who he has always been. It's who he will always be. Promises and hopes to the contrary, he cannot and will not change. In short, this result was inevitable- and anyone viewing the man and his personality and his history objectively would have seen it (and those who did so did see it) 'way back before Iowa.

Evan McMullin- who shows more clearly every day just what a smart man he is- insists that Trump is "a weak candidate and a weak man." For a narcissist like Trump, a fear of being weak lies at the core of his being. It's is the perfect strategy for driving him to even greater self-destructiveness. McMullin- who did this with ISIS and al Quaeda leaders when he was with the CIA- is doing with a scalpel what Marcio Rubio tried to do during the debates with a chainsaw: expose the classical insecurity and self-doubt which drives narcissists to constantly seek reassurance by bragging, demeaning others, and basking in the adulation of admirers. McMullin even goes so far as to question whether Trump has the stamina to last until November, arguing that he's "going to pieces" before our very eyes. "At that point," he observes, "a lot of Republicans and are going to be looking for an alternative."

He shrewdly realizes that unless Trump literally does commit murder on Fifth Avenue in New York in broad daylight, the current movement to get the RNC to remove Trump as the nominee under Article 9 of the rules adopted at Cleveland will fail. And Trump's complete meltdown will leave Republicans unwilling to vote for Hillary with a choice of a pro-abortion and anti-religious freedom Libertarian party, a Green party well to the left of Hillary and perhaps even Bernie Sanders- and McMullin.

In any case, a visit to Twitter or to message boards anywhere will provide ample evidence that Trump supporters are still happily hallucinating, ignoring reality, pooh-poohing the polls, convincing themselves that their candidate is sane and the rest of the world is crazy and unmoved in their conviction that the polls are rigged and that Dishonest Don is going to win.

They will have a rude awakening on the morning of November 9. On the other hand, their bizarre candidate has already hinted at their excuse.

This, it seems, will be that rarest of all phenomena in anybody but the most completely closed societies: a landslide that was rigged.