THIS IS GREAT! Trumpkins argue that HILLARY is nuts!

The Trumpkins are absolutely clueless! They have no idea how ridiculous this makes them look! If Leni Riefenstahl were still alive I'd almost think she was responsible- except she was far too good to be responsible for something like this.

Watch and be amazed: a video which claims that HILLARY suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder and is mentally ill! Yes, she has a seizure disorder; that's no secret. But TRUMP supporters trying to make the case that SOMEBODY ELSE is crazy?

Check out the link in the previous paragraph, btw. It will lead you to pages and pages of articles listed on Google by actual clinicians stating that TRUMP suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder! And the badly-edited video trying to make Hillary look like she's acting irrationally is priceless. Do the turkeys who made this video seriously think that if she acted this way in public on a routine basis it would have escaped the notice of the entire nation? Do they really think that editing this bad is going to fool anybody?

Now, maybe she is a narcissist. Maybe she's as crazy as Trump is- although I don't think any reasonable person would draw that conclusion from this silly video. But if she is, she hides it better- and the irony of the Trump people saying this about somebody else is priceless! This shows how out of touch with reality the Trumpsters are on so many different levels that it's simply amazing. I really think many of them are as crazy as their candidate!

Watch, and be amazed!