Trump Psychosis: the mindset of the alt.reality crowd

Talk show host and filmmaker John Ziegler herein explains the otherwise incomprehensible mindset of the alt.right (though I think I prefer his term, "alt.reality") core of Donald Trump's zombie-like supporters.

The key is to always remember that they are indeed living in an alternative reality- one in which Donald Trump is always right, facts are lies, fantasies are facts- and Trump is going to win.

It's a lesson I keep learning over over and over: it's not possible to reason with people who don't live in the same reality as the rest of the world. Once you accept the premise that these people live in a universe in which tariffs and trade wars are good for the economy and create jobs,  in which our national interests are best preserved by letting Russia and China and Iran and every predator nation on Earth run wild while we retreat within our borders, where the ridiculous thing the Donald said today that directly contradicts the ridiculous thing he said on the same subject yesterday are both true,  in which the polls lie and the Ultimate Political Reality is the will of The Leader... well, you get the picture.

Different reality entirely.


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