Don't be conned

Here's a good article on why you shouldn't be conned into thinking that Donald Trump's Supreme Court appointments would be any better for the Constitution and America than Hillary's would be.

It takes a special kind of gullible to think that anybody goes from being a life-long, pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, pro-socialized medicine, pro-gay "marriage," pro-Hillary partisan liberal Democrat to being a pro-life, anti-amnesty, anti-Obamacare supporter of traditional marriage overnight, just in time to run for the presidential nomination of the party he's spent his life and carloads of money opposing.

When that someone is a professional con-man with a history of not paying his workers and contractors, disrespecting the Constitution and the rights of others, lying at the drop of a hat and showing all the sincerity of your average spider addressing your average fly... well, caveat emptor also applies to the Brooklyn Bridge!

Donald Trump is a man without honor, and men without honor seldom keep their word.


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