Even Republican insiders see Hillary as the likely winner

Try as the Trumpkins might to indict those who are wiser than they are for their own blunder, the same election outcome that was obvious back in January if Donald Trump were somehow nominated remains obvious today.

Insiders in both parties see Hillary Clinton- with all her monumental flaws- as the likely winner in November.

Now, unless the Republicans do something stupid again in 2020 she's likely doomed to be a one-term president. Unfortunately, she will appoint Scalia's successor unless the GOP takes the risky step (but worth it, considering that the Constitution itself is on the line) of "borking" her appointments. But let this be clearly understood, and clearly remembered: if the Supreme Court goes south due to the outcome of this election, the blame will not lie with conservatives who refused to support an enemy of everything America stands for who could not possibly have been elected in any case.

It will lie with those who got the only Republican candidate who could not possibly have beaten Hillary this year nominated.

ADDENDUM: Check out the comments from Republican professionals quoted in the article linked to above. They know exactly what is going on. Of course, neither Trump nor most of his supporters have a clue.


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