Meanwhile, as the media and the polls continue to ignore him...

...Evan McMullin today qualified for the ballot in his twentieth state, South Carolina.

The process continues- even as the oblivious networks and newspapers continue to talk about how Evan can't get on the ballot.

One wonders if their heads will still be in the sand at forty... or forty-five...

Reminds me of election night, 2000, as the networks declined to take back their calling of Florida- and effectively the election- for Al Gore for hours after it became clear that their numbers were askew. We'll never know by how much the Bush vote in Florida and elsewhere was suppressed by their incompetence (or bias), but it was almost certainly enough to have overcome Gore's eventual lead in the popular vote and put Florida into the Bush column beyond doubt.

Hopefully, by the time the media wake up and realize that McMullin has done what they keep saying is impossible, similar damage won't be done.