Nate Silver: 'Every scientific poll I've seen' shows that Hillary won the debate

Nate Silver cites the tweet I've included in saying that "every scientific poll I've seen" shows that Hillary won the debate- some of them by large margins. He also says that there are a few signs that she might be pulling away again.

But he cautions that there's really no reliable information on that yet. Most good polls are taken over a seven-day period, and it hasn't been seven days yet. By next week we'll have a better picture of what the first debate did to the race.

This is only personal intuition, so take it with the amount of salt it deserves. But I would be very surprised- and more disturbed about the sanity of the voters than worried, really- if the polls. when they come out, don't send Il Duce deep into denial mode and Hillary back into at least a clear lead.