This is beginning to play like a TBN gonzo-eschatology movie

Only a few months ago, few people believed that a globally ignorant, psychologically immature, emotionally erratic joke like Donald Trump could win the Republican nomination.

Cue the Twilight Zone theme.

But surely the electorate couldn't possibly be foolish enough to actually elect an authoritarian clown with no appreciation whatsoever for the Bill of Rights or elementary good manners!

Right? Right?!

The media have been full of negative stories about Hillary Clinton of late- a fact which has contributed mightily to a recent shrinkage of her lead over Donald Trump. Many of these stories have related to her health, including rumors fed by a doctor who is a conspiracy theorist that she suffers from Parkinson's Disease.

Today, she fainted at the 9/11 memorial ceremony.

It's almost as if some kind of diabolical influence were working to make Donald Trump's implausible election plausible.

Hillary's lead still holds, and the recent spate of bad press won't continue indefinitely. Once the debates begin (with a more focused format and with a smaller percentage of crazies among the undecideds than was the case during the Republican debates) I expect Hillary- who for all her grievous flaws, at least has some rough idea what the hell she's talking about- to begin to pull away again. But Hillary's physical health threatens to overshadow Trump's mental health as a campaign issue.

The way the implausible rise of a manifestly unfit candidate like Donald Trump continues apace almost makes me smell brimstone. But then, Hillary- abortion and Planned Parenthood advocate and defender of sexual and social perversity- isn't exactly the champion of goodness and light herself.

Hillary also has a vague aroma of brimstone about her candidacy. But I still get a creepy feeling as the gap between the two in the polls narrows. Campaigns like this just don't happen in reality- or even in well-written horror fiction.


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