WARNING: Graphic and disgusting language. WARNING: You may be planning to vote for this.

What is described below is NOT an aberration. All you have to do is to spend any time at all on Twitter or simply in conversation with random Trump supporters to see that this is not far from the norm among the hard- core alt-right supporters of the Orange God Emperor.

And yes, I know that this does not represent all Trump supporters. Some- including people I know and respect- are in denial about who and what Trump and his movement are actually about. They are so focused on the commendable goal of keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House that they are pretty much oblivious to the price they'll pay for choosing Trump.

I just got this email from the McMullin campaign. I've embedded a video recording of the call where the link appeared in the email. Again, be warned. (NOTE: This post originally said that the conversation was not "bleeped" or edited. I'm glad to say that the McMullin campaign did remedy that).

Be prepared for a rude introduction to just what the Trump movement is about. And ask yourself, O decent voter who is planning to vote for Donald Trump,  just what it is that draws people like this to him like flies to honey?


Evan McMullin’s team isn’t like an ordinary campaign. We’re drawn to this mission because we’re all dedicated to giving America a better choice in this election, and to building a movement where conservatives can cast a vote of which they can be proud.

With so little time on the calendar, we don’t sleep much; we all work 20 hour days, and we’ve got a candidate who drives just as hard. It’s all worth it. We’re fighting a battle to help save this country from two terrible, dangerous, and divisive candidates.

We’re a tight group, with a loyalty and commitment to one another that’s unique in campaigns.

We’re not here to make Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump happy, so we get heat from all sides. We roll with it.

But when a Trump troll left a truly disgusting, racist rant on our Communications Director Rina Shah’s voicemail, we thought you should hear it.

You can listen to it here and judge for yourself. Trust me, even bleeped, it’s not safe for work:

Rina was born in West Virginia. She’s been a loyal Republican and conservative. She’s a wife, a mom, and a professional. She gets in early, leaves late, and works her tail off - every day. She’s a Hindu, not a Muslim (we do have Muslims on our team, along with Catholics, Evangelicals, Mormons, Jews, and atheists).

It says a lot about the troll in question, but it says more about where American politics and public life is headed in the age of Donald Trump. This is a guy who didn’t think twice about leaving a voicemail filled with grotesque ethnic and religious slurs. To him, and too many of Trump's backers, that is normal political discourse now.

This is only a small drop in the ocean of hatred that defines not just Donald Trump, but also his team, and even members of his family. They work hard every day to divide America - to mainstream this kind of behavior.

His allies on the alt-right love this game. They want an America not just where different races and religions don’t talk...they want an America where they live in separate homelands. They want an America where the Republican Party becomes a white nationalist party. And, they may very well get their way.

Not every Trump supporter is a racist; many are simply misled, many are angry with two failed parties...but it sure looks like all the racists around these parts are Trump supporters.

Just as these trolls wouldn’t act this way without Trump’s encouragement, Trump himself couldn’t play these games if the leadership of the Republican Party stood up, called him out, and told him his constant stoking of racial hatred is unacceptable.

Far too many members of Congress have told us privately how much they hate Trump, and hate what he’s doing to this country. Some have stood on stage with him, smiling and waving, and yet they admit they lack the moral courage to do the right thing. They’ve told us behind closed doors how scared they are of becoming his targets.

Far too many elected officials, and too many party leaders, use the excuse that they’re endorsing Trump and not his followers.

But the truth is, they’re not just his endorsers. They’re his enablers.

Rick Wilson
Communications Director
McMullin for President

One wonders which "pathological lying criminal" the caller was referring to- Hillary or Trump, who is also undergoing criminal investigation after a pattern of fraud going back decades!

We cannot allow that to come to power in America.

We cannot allow that to remain in control of the Republican party.

No decent person should soil himself or herself by voting for that. Not even to keep Hillary out of the White House.

I urge you to go to the McMullin campaign page, learn about Evan, volunteer and/or contribute if you're moved to do so- and on Election Day, to vote for Evan McMullin, who unlike the two major-party candidates is a decent human being who stands for what America has always stood for.


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