Where do the candidates stand on war in outer space?

Russia and China are preparing for future wars in space.

President Obama, as is the case with security threats on earth, is oblivious.

Donald Trump, while clearly the spaciest candidate, probably wants to abandon outer space and stop playing policeman to the solar system, while building a wall around the planet to keep out those illegal aliens.

Hillary Clinton is ahead of the game. She's studying Romulan and Goa'ould  for use in sending classified emails.

Gary Johnson probably thinks that if the Russians and the Chinese want to smash Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Houston with mass drivers from orbit, the government shouldn't interfere.

Jill Stein likely is against orbiting military satellites because there will soon be so many Russian and Chinese ones up there that for us to join them would pollute the Van Allen belt.

Evan McMullin- who is, after all, running against four space cadets and to succeed a fifth- is clearly the only candidate with the experience to deal with the threat.


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