Who speaks for decency?

Maggie Gallagher is right: somebody- somebody- needs to stand up about now for simple human decency. And don't kid yourself: decency is precisely the central issue facing our nation and our culture right now.

A decent party would not have nominated Hillary Clinton, a pathological liar who belongs in prison. A decent party would not have nominated Donald Trump, another pathological liar who belongs in prison. And above all, a decent nation would not stand for a summer of dithering over which of these moral and political disasters is worse. It would demand better.

A decent nation would not stand by while teenage girls are forced to disrobe in the company of males who want to pretend that they're females, or while marriage is redefined in such a way as to remove monogamy as one of its constituent elements. And a decent nation would not even consider electing as its president a bully whose favorite pastime is making fun of and insulting the weak and the unfortunate.

Decency- common decency- ought to forbid ANYONE to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in November. It cries out equally against the Obama administration's radical social engineering and the brazen posturing and often open fascism of the racist, mindless alt-right.

Contrary to the meme, this election is not like Flight 93. The Trumpsters are is not asking us rush the cockpit and heroically save America from the horrible fate of a Clinton presidency. They're simply asking us to betray everything that is decent and human in another way in order to deliver the nation over to a different form of moral chaos.

Why not decline the gambit, and save both the plane and the nation- or, if we go down, at least go down like the passengers of Flight 93, doing something heroic rather than shameful like electing either of these disasters?

Why not insist on decency, and refuse to accept anything less? Because as long as we're willing to settle for less than decency, less than decency is what we'll get.


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