And now, it's official

The seven-day period since Monday's election is about to expire, and nearly all the responses to the polls that came out today are post-debate.

It's bad news for The Donald.

Fox News poll (!): Clinton 49, Trump 44- although that shrinks to 43-40 when third parties are figured in.

Rasmussen  poll (!): Clinton 43, Trump 40.

Quinnipiac poll: Clinton  46, Trump 41.

With two Republican-leaning polls showing Clinton up by three in a race that includes third party candidates and a reasonably neutral one showing her up by five, it seems clear that last week's debate has indeed undone the damage Hillary's bad spell had done her.

The LA Times/USC poll, which has been out of step all along in showing drastically better numbers for Trump than elsewhere, still shows him up 47-42.

Quinnipiac also shows Trump ahead in Ohio by five points, but Clinton up by four in Pennsylvania and by three in bright red North Carolina. Bloomberg puts Clinton's margin there at one point.

Christopher Newport puts Hillary up by seven in once-red Virginia,  and by 11 in Colorado, also once a Republican state. That last includes at least two of the third party candidates (the polls continue to ignore Evan McMullin).

The Albuquerque Journal poll shows Clinton's 11-point lead shrinking to four points when former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are included. Johnson is only seven points behind Trump.

Clinton's lead in Republican Nevada is one point; she's up by six in solidly Democratic New Jersey.

Two conclusions seem obvious: first, that Trump's typically bizarre debate performance once again made the election Hillary's to lose, and, secondly, that just about any normal Republican would probably be blowing Hillary away at this point.

I hope the tantrum the Republican primary voters threw was worth it because as anybody with an ounce of foresight could have predicted even then, it's going to cost them- and the country- four years of Hillary Clinton in the White House, an extension of the Obama era,  and the Senate flipping back to the Democrats.


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