Crazy Donald is becoming Creepy Donald

Crazy Donald Trump is carrying his paranoid blather about the election he has no chance whatsoever of winning being "stolen" to new levels of insanity, calling for the polls to be monitored as if at this point the election is even going to be close. As if a majority of the  American people would even consider electing such an unqualified boob and serial abuser of women as himself as their president.

Always delusional (as are many of his followers), The Donald just doesn't get it. His cover is blown. Whatever credibility this thoroughly creepy man may have ever had with all but the most gullible of Americans has now vanished.

I don't think he'll concede on Election Night. I really think he'll continue his self-absorbed, delusional rant about the election being "stolen" right on after the votes are counted, the country be damned

It's what psychopaths do.


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