Terrible game last night. Tompkins should have been highly hittable. The wind was even blowing out. Granted, Hendricks had a terrible game- I trust that the and Lester both have that out of their systems now- but this is no time for the bats to go dead.

Tonight we face Kluber again- and this time we have to win. Being one game from elimination with three left- two of them in Cleveland- is not an option.This is the Cubs' biggest gut check of the year. Thus far the 2016 Cubs have always come through when they had to- and Kluber or not, I'm counting on it.

Not sure how much difference pitching on short rest will have for either Kluber or the rest of the Indians' patched-together rotation. But while we may have some excuse in Kluber's case, there is no way, especially with our rotation,  that we should lose to anybody else they have.

The argument can be made that the season is already a success because we won the pennant and got to the Series in the first place. The argument would continue that we figure to have the best team in baseball next year, too, and perhaps for years to come; that we'll make further adjustments over the winter, perhaps to our bullpen; that we might even add a starter and maybe a role-player, and be even better next year,  so losing this year's series shouldn't be the blow it otherwise might have been.

Baloney. "Wait 'til next year" doesn't cut it anymore. Neither do moral victories or "progress." This year we win all the marbles or we fail. Next year can take care of itself; that's an entirely different subject.


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