Gambling site already paying off bets on Hillary

Irish Internet betting site Paddy Power is so confident that Hillary Clinton is going to win the election that it's already paying out bets placed on her.

Since what I've been saying for months- that the American people would have to be Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs to elect Donald Trump- has become even more painfully apparent in the past week than it had been before, one can hardly blame them.

The real question (aside from whether Trump will actually concede after he's defeated) is how quickly the GOP will move to repudiate Trump and Trumpism, and whether it can recover. In the short term, President-Elect Clinton's unpopularity, her personality, and simple American weariness of having the Democrats running things makes it highly likely that if the Republicans can only get their act together she will be a one-term president. The damage she will do during that one term, of course, is solely the responsibility of those who got an unqualified psychopath nominated by the Republicans this time out.

But if 2016 proved anything, is that nobody will ever go broke betting that the Republican party will shoot itself in the foot. Just ask Paddy Power.