Half a clue is better than none

Nate Silver and FiveThirtyEight.com are reacting to the poll I blogged earlier by adding McMullin to their model.

In Utah. Sigh...

McMullin is also reported to be running ahead of Jill Stein nationally in those polls which bother to include him. But most include Stein and omit McMullin for some reason.

Did I mention that if the election goes to the House of Representatives, Gary Johnson carries New Mexico, and McMullin carries Utah, the House would choose among Clinton, Trump and McMullin?

He's worth noticing. And having a higher upside than Johnson- his natural constituency isn't just libertarians but all Republicans and conservatives disgusted by Donald Trump- it's hard to understand the refusal of the media to even acknowledge him.

BTW, on Election Day he'll be either on the ballot or a registered write-in candidate in 46 of the fifty states. So that excuse doesn't fly.


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