He who stands for nothing will fall for anything

The first thing totalitarian governments confiscate isn't guns. That's silly. Despite the cowboy fantasies of American gun owners, they are not going to hold off the Marines with their Glocks. Armored personnel carriers and body armor are apt to be proof against such weapons.

No, the first thing totalitarians confiscate is history.

As ugly a thing as Trumpism is, the craziness which springs from a Marxist reading of history helps make it at least a bit understandable. As The Donald goes down to a richly-deserved place in the garbage heap of history, this brief British documentary underscores the disgusting and intellectualy dishonest nonsense that helped give it birth.

The irony is that this video is an advertisement for Brexit. This is the voice of Trumpism, but with an English accent. Yet we ignore it at our peril. It is not racist to resist the rewriting of history on behalf of a political agenda, and as the video rightly says, a society for which tolerance ceases to be merely an important value and becomes the only value is a society totally without values.

We cannot let history be kidnapped by the Trumist bigots. But neither can we allow it to be kidnapped by the totalitarians of the campus and the media and the political and religious Left.

There hss to be a middle ground.


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