I'm going to Evanize tonight's debate differently

As I did during the first debate, I'm going to share Evan McMullin's responses to what these two clowns about have to say tonight. Only instead of posting a tweet for every comment- a process which proved too labor-intensive and generally impractical- I'll just compose one long post containing Evan's remarks as he makes them, together with my comments thrown in for good measure. Then, when I'm done, I'll post the result- and you can read what a guy who actually knows what he's talking about has to say about the circus.

It will be interesting to hear how Hillary compares The Donald's porcine nature to that of her husband. It will also be interesting to hear whether Il Duce brags about how chivalrous a gentleman he is, and how respectful of women. Probably his third favorite thing about himself, after his temperament and his forbearance.

Nate Silver thinks the damage the Orange One did to himself in the first debate is too extensive to be undone in the second. The Donald has to try to make a beginning, in any case. He may give lip service to his supporters' Baghdad Bob- style delusions about his prospects, but appearances to the contrary I give him credit for enough intelligence at least to know that he's in trouble.

It's a shame that we'll have to wait for a week to see Saturday Night Live's take on tonight's comedy. Of course, with all respects to the SNL writers the version we see tonight will doubtless be funnier- and certainly scarier.


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