McMullin and Finn answer Trump and Clinton

EVAN McMULLIN: GOP nominee Donald Trump has a pattern of sexually abusing women that goes far beyond 2005.

MINDY FINN: ISIS actions are not an excuse for a presidential candidate's sexual assaults.
EVAN McMULLIN:  I agree 100%.

EVAN McMULLIN: No true leader would sexually assault women and then tell them that he respects them.

EVAN McMULLIN: "Bill Clinton did it too" is not an excuse. It's an admission of cruel and abusive behavior.

EVAN McMULLIN: We should be having a debate about ideas, issues, and America's destiny. This isn't it and this isn't leadership.

EVAN McMULLIN: Hillary Clinton compromised national security and my former colleagues' lives in order to avoid accountability to Americans.

EVAN McMULLIN: Trump and Clinton are the personification of America's leadership crisis. It's time for a new generation of leadership.

MINDY FINN: I don't think we need more government in our health care system. Here's my plan:

EVAN McMULLIN: A modern, patient-centered healthcare system would emphasize competition and innovation in delivering affordable, quality care.

EVAN McMULLIN: Donald Trump's anti-Muslim bigotry has already damaged our security. I've worked with our Muslim allies to defeat terrorists.

EVAN McMULLIN: Vetted refugees have always made our country stronger not weaker. My ancestors fled tyranny abroad to freedom in America.

EVAN McMULLIN: We can't fix the refugee problem without fixing the root of the problem: mass atrocities and terror in Syria. Assad needs to go.

MINDY FINN: No candidate on the stage tonight is committed to protecting the religious freedom of all Americans, Christian, Muslim or otherwise.

EVAN McMULLIN: No American president, or candidate, should admire the authoritarian rule of Vladimir Putin who is undermining our democracy.

EVAN McMULLIN: Hillary wants $1.3 trillion of new taxes. Trump won't pay them. We need to put money back into the hands of families.

EVAN McMULLIN: We need a simpler and fairer tax code. Here's my plan:

MINDY FINN: Until Trump releases his tax returns, American cannot believe a word he says about them.

EVAN McMULLIN: Donald Trump openly admires the world's worst dictators like Bashar al-Assad. He's cut from the same cloth.

EVAN McMULLIN: Donald Trump is on the side of Russia, Iran, and Assad in Syria as they slaughter innocent Syrian civilians by the thousands.

MINDY FINN: Putin and Assad aren't killing terrorists in Syria. They're knocking out hospitals, murdering children. That's what Trump supports.

EVAN McMULLIN: An American president should strengthen alliances, rebuild our military, and promote American principles and universal human rights.

MINDY FINN: There is no candidate on this stage who will stand up for economic freedom and the prosperity that comes from trade.

EVAN McMULLIN: America's minority communities deserve real leadership, not cheap rhetoric. I'll advance real reforms so all Americans can thrive.

EVAN McMULLIN: Donald Trump, racism IS deplorable.

EVAN McMULLIN: Struggling minority communities need better education, criminal justice, and anti-poverty policies.

EVAN McMULLIN: Real leadership begins with real character. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have put private interest over public service

EVAN McMULLIN: I am a constitutional conservative, I believe we need originalists on the Supreme Court who will respect the law, not make it up.

EVAN McMULLIN: Donald Trump has demonstrated ignorance of our Constitution & disregard for our rights. How can we trust his SCOTUS promises?

EVAN McMULLIN: American innovation has made our country an energy superpower, while helping to protect the environment.

EVAN McMULLIN: We deserve a better choice. It's time for a new generation of principled leadership. 


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