McMullin-Finn 2016

Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin has picked businesswoman Mindy Finn as his running-mate.

It's possible that McMullin's temporary, place-holder candidate, businessman Nathan Johnson, might still appear on the ballot with McMullin in some states.

Finn is a conservative feminist (yes, there are such beings!) and founder of Empowered Women, a group devoted to expanding and fostering diversity in the conversation about feminism and women's equality. She has previously worked for Twitter and for the Republican National Committee and was a tech aide to the second President Bush and to Mitt Romney. She also was a staffer for Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) and Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX). She is an Adjunct Professor of Political Management at the Graduate School of George Washington University.

McMullin had said diversity was one of the things he was looking for in a running mate. This feminist activist, businesswoman, and sought-after panel expert and lecturer certainly fits the bill. And like McMullin, she has the expertise and administrative experience that put Donald Trump's to shame and brings a degree of ethical integrity and credibility to the table which neither Trump nor Clinton can match.


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