Voted early today

And for the first time in my life voted for a third party candidate, Evan McMullin. Or technically an independent candidate. Nathan Johnson, his stand-in for Mindy Finn, was listed as his running mate- though of course that doesn't matter, since in presidential elections Americans vote for electors rather than for actual candidates.

As as become my custom in this age of judicial legislation, I voted against retaining any of the judges. Since my Democratic legislator was running unopposed, I left that space on the ballot blank. I did the same for all of the obscure trustee and board member races, in which nobody has the slightest idea who the candidates are and thus really ought to be filled by appointments made by elected officials we do know.

I did vote for Sen. Chuck Grassley and Rep. David Young, with whom I am reasonably satisfied and against whom I chose not to hold their support of the soon-to-be-defeated monstrosity at the head of the Republican ticket. And like most of us, I'm looking forward to not having to hear him bray his ignraant nonsense much longer.

Regrettably, we do face four long years of President Hillary Rodham Clinton. Here's hoping my former party doesn't screw up again and hand her a second term the way it has her first. As would have been the case this year, any reasonable candidate should have no trouble beating her in four years.

Of course, by then all those Supreme Court nominations the supporters of the hopeless GOP nominee have been talking pointlessly about after his nomination made Hillary's election inevitable will have been made. And the consequences will lie squarely on the heads of those responsible for getting an unelectable opponent for her nominated.


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