We're all waiting, Sen. Ernst

Carly Fiorina and Sen. Kelly Ayotte- both Republican women of sufficient gravitas that I could see either one as President of the United States- have rescinded their endorsement of Donald Trump in view of the live microphone comments about women which came to light yesterday.

Fiorina has called for him to step aside and for the Republican National Committee to replace him with vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence. Such a move would instantly turn the impending Republican defeat into an almost certain victory in the presidential race and could even save the Senate from its currently certain reversion to the Democrats. It could instantly unite and galvanize the Republican party and go a long way toward undoing the massive and otherwise probably fatal damage Trump has done to the GOP not only in this election but going forward.

But Trump's ego will not permit it even though his election is utterly impossible. Not even the possibility of saving face rather than facing humiliation in November is likely to get him to do the right thing. He just isn't made that way, and the fundamental disconnect from reality which causes Trump and his core supporters to live in a dream world in which he is going to win and only "cheating" could deprive him of the presidency is enough to prevent him from even seeing the obvious need.

A conversation with interviewer Billy Bush which was recorded without Trump realizing it in 2005 surfaced yesterday in which Trump described in vulgar terms his attempts to seduce a married woman and the ease with which women permit him to sexually assault them in ways other than outright rape. He has bragged about his affairs with married women in the past and cheerfully confessed his disrespectful attitude toward women before deciding to run for president.

I am waiting now for my senator- Joni Ernst, for whose election I worked, whom I have greatly admired, have  also seen as a potential president, and who disappointed me by seemingly endorsing Trump's racist and quasi-fascist movement at the Republican National Convention, to join Fiorina, Ayotte, and other Republican woman in purging herself of the moral contamination of supporting the walking disaster named Trump.


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