And so it begins

Donald Trump's statement about making flag burning illegal is just further evidence of what has been staring all of us- including those who delude themselves that Trump is an "unknown-" in the face all along: the President-elect is totally ignorant and contemptuous of the Bill of Rights.

As he's been demonstrating to us over and over again for nearly a year now not only by advocating the exclusion of an entire religion from immigration into the United States and in suggesting that he'd order our armed forces to ignore their oaths and commit war crimes but in repeatedly threatening his opponents and egging his supporters on in beating up protesters at his rallies . One wonders how clear things have to be spelled out for some people before they become "known."

Amazing how many people agree with Trump that the flag is more sacred than the things it stands for. Or rather who, like Trump, simply have no understanding whatsoever of what it stands for.

One wonders whether he'll read the Constitution before he swears to support and defend it. Or whether he'll even have enough knowledge of what's in it to cross his fingers while he takes the oath of office.