Folks, the Alt-Right is not the Young Americans for Freedom.

I continue to be stunned not simply at the number of decent, intelligent people who voted for Donald Trump but at how totally clueless they are about what they voted for. Or let me rephrase: the number of decent, intelligent people who voted for Donald Trump because they were totally clueless about what they were voting for. This is a classic case of the boy who cried "Wolf!" That cry has gone up so often and from every conceivable direction for so long that we don't recognize the wolf when he arrives.

No, the President-elect is not Hitler. But the people who form his core constituency and some of the people he listens to are crazier, more extreme, and less in contact with our most basic American ideals than anybody bunch of people who have ever been in power in this country before.

It's not as if Trump and his supporters have been incommunicado this past year, or have kept what they're about a secret. Maybe it's just that he's been talking so much blather that people just stopped listening to what he was saying a while back. Or more likely, I think, people were so determined to defeat Hillary that they sold themselves a bill of goods.

People, you should be scared to death right now. You have no idea how crazy the people you have just put in power really are. But here's a hint: the President-elect of the United States thinks that George W. Bush was in cahoots with Osama bin Laden in plotting 9/11.