It's starting already

Spray-painted on the sign outside a New York high school: "MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN." The sign was decorated with a swastika.

All over the nation, racist incidents have escalated since Donald Trump's election Tuesday.

Muslims and Hispanics on high school campuses are subject to a sudden increase in harassment.

Racial and ethnic harassment is escalating on the nation's college campuses.

Let me be very clear about this: most of the people who voted for Donald Trump Tuesday did not want this. Most believed- mistakenly, in my strongly-held opinion- that of two utterly unfit candidates for president Trump would do less damage over the next four years than would Hillary Clinton.

But there is no mistaking the point that this is what those who voted for Trump voted, intentionally or not, to validate.  Trump voter, you may have simply intended to vote against Hillary. But you voted for something, too.

This is what you voted for.

Only my firm belief that most of those who voted for Donald Trump are decent but severely deluded people who will turn on him once what he is and what he stands for becomes undeniable prevents me from despair at Tuesday's result. Donald Trump will be a one-term president. Of that, I have no doubt.

But then, I had no doubt that the decency and common sense of Republican primary voters would prevent Trump from getting the nomination. And I had even less doubt that the decency and common sense of the American people would prevent an evil man like Donald Trump and his even more evil movement from coming to power. I can only pray that I am not deceived again.