Nate Silver's final prediction

Hillary has a 71.4% chance of winning tonight. Silver's two models give her 323 and 303 electoral votes, respectively. 270 are needed to elect. We get the pro-abortion candidate who admits to being pro-abortion instead of the pro-abortion candidate who lies about it.

There was no good outcome likely tonight in either case. Neither of the major party candidates is fit to be president. But while it's a tough call, I continue to think that Hillary will gut America's ideals a little less thoroughly and a great deal less irreversibly than Trump would have.

Trump will probably be in prison by 2020. His trial on Federal racketeering charges with regard to his phony university begins in a few weeks. So I don't think we'll be hearing from him too much more once the whining dies down. Hopefully, his movement will die with his candidacy.

If Trump won,  the two parties would be Hillary's radical pro-abortion party and Trump's Nativist/Authoritarian one. At least now there is some hope for a respectable alternative to arise in place of a Republican party that has probably been compromised beyond redemption.


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