Not that this means anything, but...

...Hillary Clinton's margin over Donald Trump in the popular vote has now passed two million- and it's growing,

If you recall, it was Trump who whined before a single vote was cast and  on the basis of no particular evidence whatsoever that the election was being "stolen." He even threatened not to accept the result. But now a movement has started to do an audit of the votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania on the theory that a disconnect this big between the popular and the electoral vote is fishy.

I know of no way that Trump could have manipulated the results and I certainly don't expect the result of the election to be reversed. But the President-Elect does have a long history of playing fast and loose with the law and of not playing by the rules. In fact, he faces a civil trial on charges of racketeering and fraud later this month. This is not an auspicious beginning to a presidency whose possible end through impeachment is already under discussion among commentators due to his personal history.


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