Our good friend Justin Trudeau will not let us Americans suffer alone

On November 8, the American people made the United States the laughingstock of the world by electing a psychologically unsound and patently corrupt ignoramus as its president.

But we have company in our moment of embarrassment. Canada- such a good friend that it could not bear to see us alone in our humiliation- promptly joined us as a laughingstock when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose to lament and eulogize Fidel Castro, a vicious and murderous dictator for whom our Canadian friends have always for some odd reason cherished a perverse fondness.

The Left rightly excoriates the Right for its selective disapproval of dictators and murderers. Sadly, it also imitates it.

There are many differences between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau. But when all is said and done, Mr. Trudeau is simply a horse's caboose of a different color. And we should be gracious enough to admit that it takes a true friend to share our moment of international and historical humiliation with us. 


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