Thanks to a patriot- no, TWO patriots- for undertaking the thankless task of trying to save us from our own foolishness

Here's the story of the thankless efforts of one patriot to save America from itself.

Short term, the effort failed. But long term....

Let's put it this way: the courage of Joel Searby and ultimately of Evan McMullin have inspired a cadre of loyal support that will carry far beyond this tragic election year. There are a lot of people who still value common sense and integrity, and I'm convinced that we form the nucleus of a party that can take the place the Republican party has abdicated as the voice of Center Right common sense and as the alternative to the radicalism of the Democrats.

Evan may not have carried a single state, but his courage and that of Joel Searby will echo down through the years. Decency in America is not dead.


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