The colorful Chicago River isn't just green anymore

A "run" in Virginia and West Virginia and in parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania is a large creek or small river. When I lived in Virginia I worked near Manassas and Bull Run. On the way to work I always passed a waterway whose name always brought a smile to my Chicago-born lips: "Cub Run."

They scored plenty of those this season, of course. And for a day, anyway, Chicago also had a "Cub run" in the Virginia sense of the term.

Chicago traditionally dyes the Chicago River green on St. Patrick's Day. But the Cubs' World Series victory (together with the fact that the current mayor is a Cubs fan for a change) means that Chicago's downtown river became a watercourse of a different color for the champs' victory parade.

They dyed it blue. May this, too, become an annual tradition!


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