The end of the world MUST be at hand! But probably not of the presidency.

Earlier this month the Cubs won the World Series.

And now I'm agreeing- for the most part, anyway- with Michael Moore.The end of the world must surely be at hand.

Martin Luther once wrote that there were really two miracles of Christmas: that a virgin conceived, and that when she was told that it would happen, that virgin believed- and that of the two, the second was the greater. Well, even as someone who has lived and died with the Cubs every season since I was a little boy and is now on Social Security, I think that my agreeing with Michael Moore about anything is the greater of the two miracles of this past month.

Anyone familiar with what I've had to say over the years about Mr. Moore knows that I am not a fan. His films are often dishonest and misleading. His politics are extreme and a bit hysterical. And I should say that I do not agree with his prediction about the future of the presidency. There certainly will be at least one more president after Donald Trump: Mike Pence, whom the Constitution mandates as his successor after his impeachment and removal from office.

But Moore's main point in this video is exactly right. There are only two possible explanations of Trump's election largely as the result of the support of the very working-class people who logically should have detested him. Despite his populist veneer, Trump is a plutocrat who essentially cares not a fig for their interests or really about anything but himself.  The first is that they have lost their minds. The second is the one Moore suggests: that they voted on Election Day to "blow up the system."

Like Moore, I think the first explanation is more likely. Only now, they're going to have to live with the results of blowing the system up by electing Donald Trump- and they're not going to like them.