They're about to find out.

I couldn't agree more with the Irish Times take on the election of Donald Trump.  Even the biblical title of the article occurred to me Tuesday night.

The anti-intellectual and protectionist tide among normally Democratic blue-collar workers that swept him into power was aided and abetted by what turned out to be nearly all of the traditional Republicans, including those who initially turned up their noses at the ignorant and unstable demagogue. The demon Hillary Rodham Clinton terrified them so thoroughly that they found very creative ways to either remain ignorant of Trump's character and background or to rationalize even the most disqualifying faults. What the Trump base and the Donnie-come-lately crowd have in common is that they have no idea what they did on Tuesday. They have no notion, however remote, of just how over his head Donald Trump will be when he steps into the Oval Office on January 20.

The truly scary thing is that the President-elect doesn't, either. Here's hoping that his instinct for self-preservation kicks in and compels him once he realizes it to do something wholly out of character: to surround himself with people who not only know what they're doing but who have the backbone to stand up to him, and to somehow summon the humility to listen to them.

Donald Trump will indeed be the most unprepared person ever to become president. For all our sakes, I hope he realizes it before he does irreparable damage.


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