Update as of 10:30

Trump's possible election has impacted the Dow futures more negatively than 9/11 did.

Even if Hillary ends up winning tonight, Trump's refusal to accept the result is now legitimized by the closeness of the election.

168 electoral votes for Trump, 131 for Clinton.

Florida is almost certainly going to fall for Trump.

Richard Burr has been re-elected to the Senate from North Carolina.

California to Clinton. Also Hawaii. Idaho to Trump. Clinton wins Oregon and Washington.

Clinton has 209 electoral votes to 171 for Trump. But the arithmetic remains the same. Michigan is the ballgame.

Now 209-187. North Carolina falls to Trump.

Oddly, Iowa is still in play.

Trump borrows. That's what he does. His personal credit is in the dumpster because of it. He's going to make the deficit go through the roof. People are going to be in for a sorry surprise in that department if they're expecting Trump to actually do something about the deficit.

Johnson wins his Senate race in Wisconsin.


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