Update as of 10:00

Hillary is only carrying about two-thirds of the Hispanic vote. And Hispanics don't seem- incredibly- to be voting in the expected numbers.*

Electoral vote: Trump 168, Clinton 122.

Trump is winning voters who don't like either one of them by 2 to 1.

The African-American vote in Detroit is smaller than expected.

Clinton carries Colorado. 131 for Clinton.

The NBC pundits are talking about how the Republicans have come home to Trump. Even more reason for me to be glad I'm no longer a Republican.

Ohio has just fallen to Trump. Amazingly,  Trump's protectionism seems to have made the difference. Years of protectionist nonsense from labor unions may ironically have done the Democrats in tonight. Blue collar voters are voting away their jobs under the impression that they're protecting them.

It continues to look like it will come down to Michigan. And if the same pattern holds there, God help us all.

The Clinton people are keeping up a brave front. But it all comes down to Detroit and Wayne County, Michigan.

Florida is looking more and more like Trump has it.

*ADDENDUM Wednesday night: The report I based this on was erroneous. In fact, Hispanics voted in record numbers Tuesday night. Alas, it was not enough. And it turned out to be Pennsylvania, not Michigan, that put Trump over the top.


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