Update as of 1:30 AM

A statement from Hillary (or at least John Podesta, her campaign chairman) should be made momentarily.

The Washington Post has called Pennsylvania- and the election- for Trump.

Pat Toomey has been re-elected in Pennsylvania- a shock, to say the least.

Roy Blunt has been re-elected in Missouri.

Look on the bright side: the Supreme Court has probably been saved- assuming Trump keeps his word and nominates decent justices. All the GOP had to do is to validate racism, hate, and serial lunacy to do it.

Clinton wins Maine. As Maine goes, alas, so likely does not go the nation.

John Podesta, Hillary's campaign chairman, has just done a "go home, we'll talk to you in the morning" number.

Murkowski re-elected in Alaska. The Republicans retain the Senate.Trump carries Alaska.

Duce is about to come out.