Update as of 8:45

Portman has won in Ohio and Paul in Kentucky. The vote in most of the battleground states is much closer than it should be in an election conducted in America. The Klan and the Nazis are doing entirely too well.

The only thing worse for America than Trump winning would be for the election to be close enough to give credence to Trump's paranoia.

Brokaw is talking about how socially conservative Iowa has become. It hasn't; he doesn't know what he's talking about. Iowans are extreme. Trump, I think, has tapped into that; Republicans are voting for Trump, I suspect, who never voted before.

McCrory is winning in North Carolina. Good. Trump is also winning in North Carolina. Bad. The very fact that the election is this close is a defeat for everything America stands for.

I'm scared to death for my country right now.


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