Update as of 9;00

One good thing: the Evan McMullin scenario is very much in play. We're hours away from knowing what is going to happen in Utah. But the odds are long there, and it's hard at this point to take comfort.

America should be decisively rejecting somebody like Donald Trump by this point. It's a defeat for the American idea that he isn't, no matter how this turns out.

137 Trump, 104 Clinton in the Electoral College. 49-47 lead for Trump in the popular vote. And as the returns still out in Broward County Florida is looking awfully Trumpish.

Virginia will probably go to Clinton by the narrowest of margins. It may all come down to Michigan.

Perhaps it's a continuation of the same syndrome we saw in the primaries. Perhaps this all is an incoherent, irrational scream by people who are hurting so badly that reason goes out the window. If Trump wins tonight, he will fail those people. He will be a disaster in the White House. And the scenario I've warned about all along will become reality: a Democrat elected in a landslide in 2020, and everything Republicans feared for the next four years a permanent reality from that time forward.

If Trump carries Michigan, America is in big, big trouble.

Virginia is looking surer and surer for Clinton. But Michigan, Ohio, and Florida are all trending Trump.