Update as of midnight

Georgia, Iowa, and- sadly- Utah fall to Trump. Ironically the rest of the scenario- the 269-269 tie- is still in play.

California has voted to legalize marijuana. The whole country must have been high tonight.

244-209 Trump in the electoral vote.

Even Pennsylvania looks like it's in play.

It's looking more and more like the Republicans will hold on to the Senate. Ayotte leads. Toomey leads.

Wisconsin looks like Trump will carry it.

Fascinatingly, 69% of those who say that neither candidate is fit to be President voted for Trump, who by any rational standard is even less fit to be president than Hillary.

Stock markets all over the world are in free fall.

Clinton wins Nevada.

Trump leads Pennsylvania by 2,000 votes. If Trump carries it, he doesn't mean Michigan.

The Clinton campaign has gone silent. 


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