You know....

...the American people have elected Donald Trump despite full knowledge of all that he has done and said.

The President-Elect of the United States is not simply a mentally unstable clown. He's a clown who is going on trial for fraud and racketeering in a matter of weeks. And the American people elected him anyway.

What he is is so obvious that it can't be missed or readily ignored. I acknowledge the obscenity of the alternative. But that is no excuse.

After last night's result, it's frankly awfully hard for me to take the process- or the American people- seriously. I'm going to have to re-evaluate whether bothering with this blog or even with voting in the future has any point.

ADDENDUM, after a good night's sleep: This is my country. MY country. NOT the country of the demagogue who was elected last night and who can't make America great again because he doesn't understand what made it great in the first place.

This is my country. And I will fight for it.