ABC News is NOT a 'fake news' site!

And here, in a few seconds, is ABC News explaining why Donald Trump is barred from the presidency unless Congress expressly permits him to retain investments in foreign countries, many unfriendly, totaling hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars.

Note that putting these investments in a blind trust, as he has promised to do, does NOT solve the problem, since he would still be benefitting from doing business in those countries. Note also that even if Congress gives him permission to keep the investments they constitute a major conflict of interest and make him a major security risk, especially given the fact that his finances are structured in such a way that it is all but impossible to separate out personal, corporate, charitable, and campaign funds.

Note also that according to Donald, Jr. the Trump empire has a "disproportionate" percentage of its foreign investments in Russia- whose leader, Vladimir Putin, Mr, Trump, his National Security Advisor-Designate, and his Secretary of State-Designate all have connections to. Mr. Trump believes Putin, rather than the American intelligence community, about Russian responsibility for the hacks of the DNC's computers during the last campaign.

Note that the video deals only with the constitutional issue. It does not get into the conflict of interest and the compromise of national security involved in Trump's holdings, which would remain even if Congress voted to waive the Emoluments Clause.


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