Another reason for the election result

According to Pew Research, 54% of the American people have never heard of the "alt-right," the white supremacist, anti-Semitic extremists who formed the core of Donald Trump's initial support and are represented on the President-elect's staff in the person of Steve Bannon.

28% have heard "a little bit," and only 17% have heard "a lot."

The more educated you are and the further Left you are on the political spectrum, the more likely you are to be acquainted with the alt-right, which the actress portraying German Chancellor Angela Merkel on "Saturday Night Live" last week said was known in Germany as "why Grandpapa lives in Argentina."

The relative lack of awareness of the alt-right among conservatives can be explained as the flip side of the reason why so few Democrats are acquainted with the details of the radical fringe on the Left. We tend to be more aware of the kooky elements on the opposite side of the spectrum than on our own. It also explains the relative unawareness among Republicans and many conservatives of how extreme the people surrounding Donald Trump and the core of his base really are.  


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