Let's get something straight here

There is no such thing as an "Electoral College landslide."

Trump's people have been doing some strutting, it seems about his margin in the Electoral College. Now, this has been an election year in which reality has meant very little. The eventual winner lied so much that if he was Pinnochio his nose would reach the Sea of Tranquility. He sold himself as a successful businessman, which he is not. His proposals have been wildly impractical. His supporters appeared to believe the most amazing things about Donald Trump, including that he is remotely qualified to be President of the United States and that he has the slightest idea of what he's talking about when he speaks of anything having remotely to do with the office he will assume next month.

So it's no surprise that they should conveniently forget that Trump lost the popular vote. Yes, he will be president. But he has no mandate whatsoever. If the Trump folks had any shame, they wouldn't try to make his Electoral Collee margin into more than an anomaly.

But they don't.