Pro-Trump racists and crazies say they'll "revolt" if Trump ignores them

Alt-Right and white supremacist groups say that they will "revolt" if their hero, President-elect Donald Trump, "ignores" them. Which- unless he's even more out of contact with reality than I think he is- is precisely what he'll do. But with Donald Fredovich, who knows?

Personally, I think those groups are pretty revolting already. They already have representation on the President-elect's staff in Steve Bannon. But apparently the crazies want Mr. Trump to openly embrace them, not just refuse to repudiate them like he did during the campaign.

Now, I do not hold a high opinion of Donald Trump's acumen. But it would take a special kind of obliviousness for him to do that.

Whether he intended to send them the message that he was in their corner or not, in combination with the crazy statements he's been making for the past year, that's the message not only they but a lot of us have gotten. Remember this?


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