Secret CIA assessment: Russia sought to help Trump win the election

It was obvious at the time- Evan McMullin pointed it out- but the media (and thus the American people, who were left in the dark) ignored it. Now a secret assessment by the CIA concludes that Russia actively sought to get Donald Trump elected president.

No surprise here. Trump's inexplicable love affair with his fellow authoritarian, Vladimir Putin, is common knowledge. Putin has praised Trump's "healthy American isolationism" that will leave Russia and China and extremist regimes such as Iran and North Korea free to run wild in the world without any fear of interference. After all, neither Europe nor any other nation or group of nations has the power to deter them without the active involvement of the United States.

Ours was an election in which the American people chose to ignore reality in order to give vent to anger and frustration (and- in some cases- a well-founded fear of Hillary Clinton's social radicalism). But decisions made out of anger or fear seldom turn out well.

It's hard to see how this one can, given the president-elect's clearly articulated policies and plans. No, I'm afraid there can be no question of "giving him a chance;" he's told us to often and too clearly what he plans to do.


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