Trump is clueless about his conflict of interest issues, the F-35, and the Boeing Air Force One contract

Neither President-elect Trump nor his family understands his conflict of interest issues. Nor do they seem to want to.

Further, he has absolutely no idea what he's talking about when he criticizes the F-35 program (the F-18 is an alternative only to the Navy's version of the F-35,  the F-35b, pictured at the right. And the figures Trump cited for the F-35 were an estimate of the entire cost of the program for the next 30 years!), or the Boeing contract to build the new Air Force One. His ill-informed and apparently impulsive tweets about matters he doesn't understand promise to continue to complicate defense procurement and may well endanger our national security as time goes on.

Here's what Lt. Gen Chris Bogdan, the Pentagon's F-35 liaison, says about Trump's comments about the new attack fighter.

Meanwhile, tinfoil-hatter Alex Jones says that the CIA is planning to assassinate Trump.



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