Trump will have no idea what he's doing. Will he listen to people who do?

Barack Obama's foreign policy has been a catastrophic failure and Donald Trump's "America First" brand of isolationism, including the scraping of NATO, promises to be an exponentially bigger one.

How can Trump's foreign policy be saved? Given his own massive ignorance not only about the world but about history, things don't look good. Of course. Trump is vastly ignorant about every aspect of the job uninformed voters blundered into giving him last month. Whether his ego will permit him to listen to people who, unlike himself, actually know what they're talking about will tell the tale of the Trump foreign policy and America's destiny during the next four years.

It's easy to see what a stubborn clinging to his uninformed and often silly campaign utterances on the subject might do. It's one of the things that have so many of us terrified of the administration that begins next month.

But what if he can somehow summon the humility- and the realism- to listen to good counsel? He probably could do no better when selecting a voice to listen to than his defeated opponent's mentor, a legendary voice from the past who has been largely ignored by American presidents since he left power and whose thrived in a world very different from the one we live in now. But Henry Kissinger is still on top of things, still brilliant- and might be the best possible answer to Trump's own ignorance and impulsiveness.

Here's what a Trump-Kissinger- or rather, Kissinger-Trump- foreign policy might look like.